September 15, 2004

Oh, Crap...

So Imus asks The Senator who he'd like to appoint to head up our militaries...

IMUS: You know, as I started to say, Senator Kerry, I was talking to Craig Crawford from CBS News. He's kind of a whack job, but he's fairly legitimate, and he a good question, and he thought it was fair to ask you this, not that...

KERRY: This is Don Imus' way of getting a question in that he doesn't want to ask, that somebody else...

IMUS: I don't mind asking. I'll ask you anything. But the question is, give us a couple names of people who would help you get all these allies on board, somebody you might put in over at the Pentagon or at State. You don't have to name your whole cabinet, which you're not going to do anyway probably, but...

KERRY: Well, I'm not going to run through...

IMUS: Well, just give us one name.

KERRY: No, I was just going to say to you, I'm not going to start appointing people to positions, and I think that's completely irresponsible and not appropriate, but...

IMUS: Either give us a name or we won't vote for you.

KERRY: But there are people who are advising me and who are very respected in the community.

IMUS: Holbrooke?

KERRY: He is one who is advising me. I have Joe Biden is advising me. There are -- Madeleine Albright obviously you know.

IMUS: That's a mistake.

KERRY: There are a number of -- General McPeak, General Clark. There are a group of about 10 or 12 admirals and generals.


KERRY: I mean, there's a very solid group of people waiting. You have people like Sam Nunn and George Mitchell, and really extraordinary group of capable people.

IMUS: Those are pretty good names.

KERRY: Beg your pardon?

IMUS: Those are pretty good names. Madeleine Albright is a huge mistake. I mean, come on.

KERRY: No, she gives advice. She gives good advice. And I think she gives good advice, frankly. And she has a very, very strong sense of that region and of other regions and would have made much smarter decisions than this group has.

Hell, here's a better answer (and I swear I think these guys' careers are starting to parallel on another...who's parallelling whom I'll leave our gentle readers to decide)

Try the Two Georges...that would be Custer and Pickett...for the Two Johns.

...and Madeline Frickin' ALBRIGHT?!?

No wonder the Chia Pet From Hell is pulling for Kerry.



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John of Argghhh! briefed on September 15, 2004 05:53 PM

And there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen... definitive proof that there is absolutely no collaboration, no editorial direction, no coordination - nuthin'- betwixt Dusty and me. Apparently we were Siamese Twins separated at birth...

Sheesh - this place looks like The Corner, just fewer people and more pictures!


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