September 13, 2004

Hmmm. An "Aha!" moment.

Watching the Dems flailing around this last two weeks and then reading SWWBO this morning, I had a thought.

Being rare, I thought I'd better catch it, examine it, kill it, and pin it in a box to stick on the wall.

Y'know who the Dems look like right now? The Republicans during the Clinton Monicagate years, when Republicans kept fanning the flame, yet it just didn't ignite and gain the traction with the public that many of us (yours truly included) thought it should. Everyone around me (who was willing to express an opinion) thought it should. But then, I lived in the bubble of the military and Bubba wasn't that popular with us in general.

So now it is with the Dems. And because they are hanging out amongst themselves as well, all a-twitter with Righteous Rage (or izzat Lefteous Rage?) over Bush's National Guard service, that they can't grasp the fact that the public has looked at that (some of 'em former Guardsmen, too) and concluded, "That dog just don't hunt." And in large measure because the President hasn't made his Guard time the key point of his curriculum vitae.

Whereas Senator Kerry has essentially ignored his legislative record, where one would think you would find the kernels of a Presidency, and instead focused on 4 months as a junior officer in Vietnam during the war. Which, frankly, in and of itself, isn't a qualifier. As I've said before, if that's all it takes, just about the entire US Army and Marine Corps alone are more qualified, based on time 'in-country,' to be President than Senator Kerry is.

And the public does find that service interesting - especially since there is some controversy there, and heck, it's what the candidate is pointing to as his qualification. So why not be interested in it?

Now the Dems know what it was like to be a Clinton-hater when the public just didn't agree with you.

Aaaaaahhhh. Gotta love it. I love the smell of moonbat in the morning. It smells like... Victory.

Comments on Hmmm. An "Aha!" moment.
Flea briefed on September 13, 2004 05:58 PM

I am adding "lefteous rage" to my vocabulary!

Justthisguy briefed on September 15, 2004 09:46 AM

Hey, I thought W already admitted, years ago, that he was something of a drunken slacker when young. Weren't lots of men at least slightly tipsy, slightly lazy guys when young?
From all reports, he later got religion, and a Good Woman (Tm). I won't say that I'm a slacker or not, myself, nor that I'm a drunkard or not, or not even that it takes one to know one, but I think I can detect evidence of reform, there.

N.B.: No matter what the young Lt. Bush's BAC or partyphilia may have been back then, he managed to fly a dangerous old first-generation supersonic interceptor a bunch of times, and somehow not break his neck.

Hey, he was a twenty-something fighter pilot!

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