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September 08, 2004

...the silence is deafening.

Jack at Random Fate points out an example of the 'tree dilemma'.

"If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Jack's point being that just because we aren't hearing Arab/Muslim voices raised in protest and disgust at the events in Beslan last week doesn't mean they aren't there.

He links to a post at Amygdala on the subject (my sincere and foot-felt empathy on the damn gout thing, too), who, in addition to what he has found, links to Memri's list on the subject.

All of which is fine as far as it goes. There are the usual shibboleth's of "The Jews are behind it" in there as well. I was unable to determine from my reading - but how many of those denunciations are in the Arabic versions of those media outlets?

Perhaps more importantly, how many are being preached in the mosques? In the madrassas? Are muezzin's adding the condemnation to the call to prayer?

If it's mostly in the english-language versions, it's not enough, simply put. That is simply speaking what they want an outside audience to hear.

I will acknowledge there are voices in the wilderness.

Just call me Diogenes - and my lantern still hasn't found what I'm looking for in the muslim world.

Doesn't mean it isn't there, just as Jack suggests... it just means that it isn't prevalent, or prominently displayed.