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September 08, 2004

Every now and then along comes an email...

...that makes it worth keeping it up.

I've just re-read your article on 2LT Leonard Cowherd for probably the fourth or fifth time and it still brings tears to my eyes(It amongst others like it are a good antidote to living too close to Albany's Anti-war central). If not for the efforts of you and others like you the true story would be living in a cardboard box under an underpass on I-890. Your article now brings to mind a comment someone made on another blog when some folk from different branches of service were ...preaching... the virtures of their own service (in good fun of course ;).

"There are no cheap plots at Arlington."

Keep up the Good work.


Since we just passed the 1000 dead mark for Operation Iraqi Freedom, perhaps it's time to refresh things and put a face on the news. You can read what Larry is talking about here. Read the lower post first.

For the record - I think the cost is worth it. And I want to continue the fight - but I want to fight the right fight, for the right reasons, against the right people, and not just blindly strike out.

Kinda like Jack of Random Fate says, here.

And in case you are wondering - I think Iraq is a good fight.