September 01, 2004


From an email.

Just in case you are interested.......... and I hope you are. The Kerry campaign claims that over 200,000 veterans have signed up on the Kerry campaign web site supporting his run for the presidency.There is a web site called Vets4Bush. There are only 9,400 veterans that have signed up on the site. It is sponsored by Bob Dole and Ollie North and several Flag officers. Please take a look at the web site and make your own decision on signing up. The sign up link is at the top of the page, centered. If you are not a vet but know some, please forward this to them.

The note is a little dated. They now claim 59,000+.

Interested? Go Here.

I added my name.

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Comments on Vets4Bush
freddyboomboom briefed on September 2, 2004 10:27 AM

At the beginning of his website, it says you have to "register" to support him before you can go on to the main portion of the site. You can opt out of that, but they make that link un-obvious.

So the 200,000 "supporters" were probably just trying to go there and see for themselves his supposed DD214, and didn't notice that they didn't have to "register"...

My opinion...

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