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September 01, 2004

Speaking strictly for myself...

... I won't put words in Dusty's mouth - I'm getting less and less interested in 'understanding' the Islamofascists, except as a tool to infiltrating their organizations and killing them.

Now the anti-heroic bandits of Chechnya have taken over two schools and are threatening to kill the children if they don't get their way.

I'm sure, as Sting put it, the Russians "love their children, too." But, unlike the premise of Sting's song - the Islamofascists seem to be a nihilistic suicide cult, and are willing to sacrifice the children, anybody's children, to service their dark and terrible god. Hearts are hardening 'round the Castle.

The story is here.

Update: The Mistress of Castle Argghhh! is tougher than I am. She's downright mean - but then, she's a Mom, and Mom's can be like that where children are concerned...