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September 01, 2004

Public Service Announcement

This is the Emergency Blogcast System. This is not a test. Attention Commissary Shoppers! We bring you this public service announcement as a service of this blog... from Nate at Wasted Electrons comes this:

I've already sent this to several different groups but your readers might need to check this out also. There was a problem with the debit charging system at DOD commissaries over the weekend. The debit system was deducting funds from accounts as it was supposed to, but not reporting back to the cashier that the transaction processed. In my case, the cashier then asked if she could run the charge on the credit billing side, processed that transaction and sent me home with my groceries.

But I discovered last night that I was charged for both transactions. And the Commissary supervisor, informed me that I was about caller number 7500 with similar circumstances from this past weekend!

I always use my checkcard as a credit card. If you were in the Commissary using one of those little perks of military life that Congress periodically looks askance at - might want to check your accounts to see if DECA is sitting on some of your cash. While I'm sure that the good folks at the Defense Commissary Agency are working diligently to return your money - the only one who cares deep down in their bones is you!