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August 28, 2004

The answer to the question...

If you need to refresh yourself on the question... go here.

Many good guesses, not just in the comments, but in email, from people who were afraid they might get ridiculed for being wrong... (this is *not* that kind of site - unless you get stupid and snarky first!). Lots of people (22 in all) played this time, and much good logic and knowledge was on display.

Pretty much everybody fell victim to what Douglas Adams spoke of in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: '.....where due to a tragic miscalculation of scale, the entire battlefleet was swallowed by a small dog.'

1. We had people guess this.

2. And one like this.

3. And this.

4. Mebbe one of these.

5. Possibly one of those.

6. Someone even suggested these.

7. Surprising me (as this would have been my guess a few months ago), no one guessed this.

The answer is in the Flash Traffic.

Just to refresh your memory... it looked kinda like this.

In scale, with (L-R) an 8mm Mauser, 9mm Parabellum, mystery bullet, 81mm Mortar primer (12 guage blank, essentially).

See what I mean about scale? By photographing it on fine-grained white paper, and giving you no context, you supplied the scale. And y'all went big. And, to be fair, you really had to be a geek to know it was the bullet to a Gyrojet Pistol.

Gunner, of No Quarters Blog, went out and did a little searching himself and came up with this French site, which shows another variant of Gyrojet bullet. Be patient - Google is translating it for you.

Here's a crappy shot of the base end - showing the primer and the angled venturis that spun the bullet for stability.

I'll close this out with a shot of all of 'em together... just to reinforce that scale thing!

Last, but not least, what's in the numbered pictures above?

UPDATE: Oops. I screwed up (has to do with how I was building the post). I actually answered the question below in the version of the post that I apparently threw away... Beck having actually provided an answer (correct) in the comments clued me in to there was a problem! Which is cool, since I now know an interesting tidbit about Beck! So, I'll repair this post... and provide the answers.

1. 90mm Armor Piercing solid shot.

2. 57mm/6pdr Armor Piercing solid shot (essentially identical to the 2pdr guessed, just proportionately larger)

3. 75mm APCBC (Armor Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped) in this case in the 75mm recoiless rifle cartridge.

4. 57mm Recoiless Rifle.

5. US Navy 5in dummy training round.

6. As Beck noted, a pipeline pig.

7. 30 pounder Parrot solid bolt.