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August 26, 2004

OPSEC tips for those of you about to deploy to the Sandbox.

Fellow Milblogger DarthVOB offers some food for thought on OPSEC for deployed milbloggers, offering up some stuff I hadn't thought about, and will keep in mind, as well. Why me? Because I get stuff from deployed warriors sometimes, and while I have a set of filters I apply - that set has expanded.

As well as those already blogging from there and elsewhere.

Darth's post is in response to Greyhawk's post about NPR's predictably condescending look at Milbloggers, which in itself is a cautionary tale focusing around Army Specialist Colby Buzzel's My War blog.

Keep those cards and letters coming, fans - but remember to let me know how much, if any, credit you want, and whether or not I can use something publicly!
I know how to protect myself - and I'd hate to inadvertently cause a problem for you!

Hat tip to Jim at Hell in a Handbasket for the prod!