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August 24, 2004

In history today...

Some days are diamonds.

End Of Party Rule

By the end of August 1991 , Boris Yeltsin stood at the podium inside the White House and declared, "I am now signing a decree suspending the activities of the Russian Communist Party!" Even Communist-run newspapers such as Pravda were temporarily suspended. Gorbachev followed his actions by issuing decrees to end Communist Party rule. These decrees dissolved the party's structure of committees and policymaking bodies, which included the Central Committee. Archives of the Party and the KGB were seized. In addition, the government confiscated all the Party's assists and property throughout the country.

Some days are stones.

Meanwhile, the British had blockaded all our ports along the Atlantic coast, and had plundered and burned a number of towns. Later in the summer (1814) they entered Washington. (Map, p. 203.) President Madison fled in one direction; Mrs. Madison, filling her workbag with silver spoons, fled in another. The President's dinner, which had just been served, was captured and eaten by the enemy. After dinner, Admiral Cockburn, the English commander, and his officers, paid a visit to the House of Representatives. Springing into the Speaker's chair, he cried out, "Shall this harbor of Yankee democracy be burned?" There was a general shout of "Aye!" "Aye!" The torch was applied, and soon the evening sky was red with the glare of the flames, which consumed the Capitol, the President's house, and other public buildings. A recent English historian says of that deed, "Few more shameful acts are recorded in our history; and it was the more shameful in that it was done under strict orders from the government at home."

There are some, I suspect, on the fringes of either party, who would gladly join the cries of "Aye" when their party is not in power. Sadly, I think that particular rot goes further in the Democratic Party than the Republican.

One wonders when the Democrats are going to realize that being tough on National Defense, and stop trying to disarm the populace, would give them a virtual lock on electoral politics in this country?

If they would just give up trying to take away guns, and "Talk softly and carry a big stick" in international arenas, they would win back a good chunk of the blue collar vote that now goes to Republicans, as the populist groups who like a lot of democrat economic policy but can't stand their otherwise wussy face would go back. I really think that.

John Kerry talks that way about defense, and he's been really pretty silent on guns - showing us he can trap shoot, and talking about hunting - while saying nothing on policy at all, except perhaps a pro forma regarding the AWB... his voting records speaks volumes about how he truly feels on those issues.

And I don't believe someone can change his spots that thoroughly, that fast - and if they can, I'm not sure I want them as President, which is just a whole different ball of wax than being an Executive, which Les Aspin learned the hard way - good legislator, crappy SecDef.

But I digress.