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August 19, 2004

Now it's the Brit's turn for some support.

This being a Combined Effort of a Canadian Forces rep, CAPT H, and myself - we anglosphere soldiers gotta stick together!

Who will defend our Armed Forces from enemies at home? By John Keegan (Filed: 18/08/2004)

The Armed Forces are the most admired institution in Britain. How strange, therefore, that the Armed Forces should have so few friends among our masters. The Prime Minister declares his admiration for our Service people, as well he might, considering how often he turns to them for help in furthering his foreign policy - in the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East - and to rescue him from domestic difficulty, as over the foot-and-mouth epidemic and the fire fighters' strike. When, however, they need his protection as they do in the present cost-cutting climate, he is nowhere to be found.

As CAPT H says, "Indeed!"

The full bit is here, at The Telegraph.

I'm also reading Keegan's "The Iraq War." So far, it's been a good intro to the war for the generalist, with a nice background on Saddam's rise to power and subsequent abuse thereof. I'm also working through Imperial Hubris, and American Soldier. More on them to come.

On the other hand, with little more than a terse, "No Comment" CAPT H passed along this little gem, also from The Telegraph.

Why is the US doing its best to alienate all of its allies? By Stephen Robinson (Filed: 19/08/2004)

It must have been around the fifth hour of internment during my visa ordeal on Tuesday when the quiet, controlled anger of my little gang of fellow visa seekers hardened into rebellious contempt. It was hot, there was no water to drink, and the US embassy vending machine was not working.

Then, a young US Marine in fatigues and flashy desert combat boots, kitted out as though he was just back from patrol in Najaf, sauntered through the waiting room, with a military baton swinging from his belt.

We despondent huddled masses, who had been queueing in Grosvenor Square since just after dawn for a stamp in our passports to allow us to go to America, looked in utter bewilderment at this preposterous show of force.

There are two sides to this, I'm sure. But, since we aren't allowed to profile, I guess we have no choice but to piss off everyone, in order to not piss off a few.

How egalitarian.

The whole piece is here.