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August 15, 2004

US to pull tens of thousands of troops out of Europe.

'Bout time, is all I have to say. They are needed somewhere else, and don't need to be in a position where they can be tied up (not they have been thus far) by governments hostile to what we feel we need to do. And this from someone who was born in Germany, and lived over 14 years in Germany and France. I actually like the Germans, for the most part. I lived in Paris when I was in France, so I'm a little conflicted there. But, I can say I've liked every French soldier I've ever worked with, Legionnaire or Metropolitan. It's their political and intellectual classes I don't care for. Much like here - except here, people are more free to speak freely in contravention of their 'social betters'.

David's MedienKritik in Germany has some thoughts on the subject, which mirror mine.