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August 15, 2004

Something of a bleg...

Have no fear, I'm not eschewing firearms altogether, I'm just expanding the horizons for interested visitors to the Castle.

As noted below - I've got this patch collection. I've been working with interested parties here at Fort Leavenworth to work up a few rotating displays for Bell Hall (the Command and General Staff College building) and perhaps in other buildings throughout post, just to add some more historical ambiance to the oldest continually active post west of the Mississippi (founded in 1827 - on the WRONG SIDE of the Missouri River - a story in itself). One theme, for example, is "Supporting Deception in War" using the patches of the Ghost Divisions, created to reinforce the German's perception that Patton's Ghost Army was real. Can you imagine trying to pull something like that off today, with today's media presence and the ability to disseminate information? Helluva challenge!

Anyway, in this patch collection, the Army Groups, Armies, and Corps were complete (except the 1st pattern 11th Corps). The Armored divisions were mostly complete (and are, now - with proper WWII patches). The Cavalry divisions were complete, less a WWII 1st Cav - which I now have. When I say complete, I mean in terms of the basic patch for a unit, and a WWII or earlier version. You will find that over time, the divisions have had variant patches that used the basic patch and overlaid color, patterns or devices that would distinguish among the brigades, artillery, engineers, etc. I don't have anywhere near that level!

I have a very complete assortment of Army Air Force/AF patches - all the numbered Air Forces, etc. As mentioned below, I have the Marines.

But the Infantry Divisions have been pillaged. It's obvious from the folders these things are stapled to that they once existed in the collection, but for some reason, a previous owner/thief/whoever, savaged the Infantry Divisions. Didn't touch the Service Commands. Or the Occupation Forces. Not even the Frontier Defense Commands...

Here's a list of what's missing. If you've got any of these lying around, drop me a line - I can score 'em off eBay, but I thought I'd try blegging and see what came up. WWII is preferred (olive drab borders vice dark green, and the back of the patch doesn't glow under a blacklight) but I'm not that picky and don't expect you to vet 'em unless you are making me pay for 'em! And if yer unscrupulous - I've got a blacklight. Though any fellow collectors out there with advice and warnings, feel free to chime in via comments or email!

Prefer free (d-uh) but not averse to paying postage or other reasonable fees, either... The list of what I'm looking for is in the Flash Traffic!

You can find scans of these patches here, if you want to check what you've got, whether you are going to be nice to me, or just want to know what you have!

Needs, Wants, Desires to fill out the displays:

XXXI Corps
XVIII Armored Corps

Infantry Divisions (WWII, not the current! - though I'm going to default to currents if I have to...):
10th Mountain
17th Airborne
23rd ID (Americal)
26th ID
27th ID
28th ID
36th ID
37th ID
42nd ID
43rd ID
63rd ID
65th ID
66th ID (Second design, just the Cat's Head, not the whole cat)
69th ID
71st ID
75th ID
77th ID
78th ID
79th ID
81st ID
84th ID
86th ID
87th ID
88th ID Score!
89th ID
90th ID
91st ID
92nd ID
93rd ID
94th ID (Not the 1st design, the Pilgrim, but the 2nd, the 9/4)
95th ID (the 9/V, not the OK) Score!
96th ID
97th ID
98th ID
99th ID
100th ID
101st Airborne
102nd ID
103rd ID
104th ID
106th ID
157th (The only missing Phantom Division)

I told you they were savaged! It may seem like I have hardly any... but I actually have over half already - 54 - to include overlaps like where I have an earlier or later version of a design in the list above.