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August 15, 2004

The Internet and Intellectual Property...

No, this isn't going to be some Den Beste-like screed. Relax. It'll be fun. This is just an illustrative tale of the problems of protecting other people's rights, as well as your own. Case in point is the 'Old Farts' patch in the "How Desperate is DoD?" post below. I got that via email, thought it was funny, and had some fun with it - I also sent it along to my father and his Old Soldiers network. And they thought it was fun, too. On a purely legal note, there is probably no distinction to be properly made between forwarding the email and posting the picture. But, as someone who posts stuff that I could, should I choose to, make money from, or simply want credit for (as in a marketing charge-off) I do act a little differently when I choose to post something. Why? Because posting makes it available to more people, not a targeted audience, and because of the Google-bot and it's cousins, it's available forever, just about. When I post stuff off of Strategy Page, I have gotten permission from Jim Dunnigan to do so. There are other sources of info that I get via email that I also have gotten either specific, or, in a few cases, blanket permission to use their stuff, with or without attribution, as they choose. So, when I get something that looks like it probably has some intellectual property value and is not attributed, I put up the bit asking if anyone knows the source, so I can give credit, and seek permission, or remove it altogether. So far, no one has refused permission. I see pictures from Castle Argghhh! show up other places, mostly with links, but sometimes just 'there'. Haven't had anyone take credit for anything (that I'm aware of), and in those cases I just ask the poster to credit it. It's just bein' polite, after all.

So, why this long-winded, dull rant? Well, in one of the cool ways the Internet works, one of my daily readers, a retired Gyrene quoted in the updates to the original post, was pretty sure he knew where the graphic came from. Which led to an interesting conversation with the artist, another former Marine. Don't wanna piss off Marine Recon vets. Much less a whole organization of them!

The rest (and another cool graphic) is in the Flash Traffic!

I sent this note:

Gentlemen, Jon Townsley tells me you two invented the Semi-Old Farts BN shoulder patch.

It's making the rounds through DoD email right now (especially among us semi-old farts, or, in the case of my father and his crowd, the real old farts).

It came to me unattributed, and I used it on my weblog, you can see it here.

Just checking in to confirm it was you two, as Jon claims - and formally asking permission to keep it up (I'll remove it if you really are the creators, it's your work, after all).

I also offered to help 'em make stuff to sell if they wanted (that probably caused a chuckle, in the event...) I got this response:

Well, Actually, I am the designer who produced the art for the semi-geezer patch after being hurled a rough of the idea...then prompted and nagged by my partner, Tonto (cayenne6) to do the artwork. . We did it as a Vietnam era semi-old farts' spoof to our traditional 1st Recon Bn patch, which also features a friendly looking skull replete with bullet holes and with crossed paddles as opposed to canes. And text on original emblem states " Swift, Silent, Deadly" as opposed to the more benign copy of our satirical old farts patch. Had it embroidered very nicely down in Florida and offered it to members...older former members... of 1st Recon Bn with profits going to our 1st Recon Bn Association, as usual. Then...the image began appearing all over hell on the internet with all sorts of "stories" attached to it. Saw one version of it on a Pentagon website. Another web peddler sleaze bag stole the design outright and is selling a pirated copy so cheesy it would chase a dog off a gut wagon.

Fine...he ain't worth the bullet it would take to make him an honest corpse. So the design has gotten around pretty well considering its Nam vet geezer status. One of the patches, actually, is now in the proud possession of the current Commandant of the Marine Corps. You can keep the one you have come across on your weblog. Just spell my name right "Sirois". heheheh Jon Townsley was a better Recon armorer than he is a speller and he's the first to admit it. (Right, Jon?) heheh

We don't need any help with the production end, but thanks. See attached image..

...One more example of stuff we produce for 1st Recon alma mater under the alias of LR& in "Hi-Ho-Silver" (I'm a professional graphics designer who gets dragged into these pro bono projects by my best pal Tonto, who never, ever runs out of marketing schemes as he is a walking, yapping, snarling billboard ad agency for Marine Recon...then, now and into the far future, If you'd like a scan of the real (finished) old farts' embroidered patch just ask. What you now have was my prelim Photoshop RGB layout image before production.

I'll speak for Tonto today..........his home is in St. Pete, Florida in the crosshairs for a major weather event. ....enough said.

Semper Fi
Crunch (or Wayne Sirois)

I said, "Yes, Yes, Gimme, please!" so Wayne sent along the scan of the patch at the top of this post, along with this note:

John, Attached is a scan of our, if not nicer least "real" embroidered 1st Recon Old Farts patch along with appropriate appendages dangling off it so if the design continues to get picked up and passed around ad least light fingered, nefarious viewers will know it has a Jarhead daddy with a diminishing sense of humor over shoplifting. I stopped one step shy of embedding my invisible digital watermark into the thing. heheheh I agree Kerry is a complete dolt and will add, without excessive satirical rancor, that his sitting opponent can reach out clumsily to be equally doltish... as both dolts' warrring camps prove damn near daily in this ridiculous spitbark campaign of overt transparent topspin and reconstructionist history mangling. I've never seen so much goddamned eyeshadow and lip gloss layered and smeared over the reality of pasty epidermis as is going on with this current cluster%@#* of questioned hero and fearless star chamber cabal advertising.

If I had the time...I'd blog myself into hysteria unto to the WAN. Unfortunately, I have to go "work" on my "creature" prone and strapped down in my lab and
have little free rant&rave time. The candidates should both breathe a sigh of relief. hehe

Semper Fi

Crunch, consider yourself invited to Castle Argghhh! to guest-blog. And remember - be careful who you steal stuff from - it's always better to ask! And for those of you out there still reading this - not only did I get the scan of the patch, Jon Townsley is going to send me a real patch. See what a little 'being polite' can do for you?

No - posting pictures of my guns and then asking permission to do so is *not* going to find the Big Brown Truck delivering a rifle to your door. Sorry!

Click the pic to visit the 1st Recon Bn Association.

Comments on The Internet and Intellectual Property...
Boudicca briefed on August 15, 2004 11:04 AM

That was well worth the read! How cool is that?