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August 14, 2004

Charley, Phelps, and Gratuitous Gun Pic

Today was get the college students restocked for a new year day.

Tammi of Road Warrior Survival and Jeff Quinton of Backcountry Conservative are blogging Hurricane Charley. (Bet the 'bigs' are annoyed by the immediacy of the bloggers, eh?)

I'm glad that thus far, no one I know was hurt.

Since others, closer to the action are taking care of the news today (well, I'll give Phelps a mention for his Gold and World Record in Swimming), I'll leave you with a gratuitous gun pic for your perusal. The Organ of Muskets (savor that, go ahead) at the Springfield Armory Museum. The Arsenal at Castle Argghhh! only dreams...

Click the pic for hi-res. I'll be back tomorrow to clean up some copyright issues and just maybe... something to do with mortars. If not that, well, I got something else up my sleeve.