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August 11, 2004

Y'know I like 'history', right?

And that I was an official "military historian" for the Army? I've got an OER to prove it too.

Why do I like that stuff so much? I dunno. I just do. And so, I collect stuff.

Stuff with a history.

Like this letter. Written on YMCA stationary - by a soldier serving with the British Expeditionary Forces in August, 1917. What's really appealing about this letter? Well, the guy is possibly Canadian - but he might be American, one of those who joined before the US got into the war. Writing to his niece - in the US, I think. He's originally from Ireland.

And it talks about all those little things. Fruit. Ice Cream. Weather.

And it's full of really un-PC language.

Enough - read it here. I'll post a pic of the letter later, just to show that it really does exist.

Anybody can shed any light on it - lemme know! I just love this kinda stuff - I got it from eBay for $5. A very well-spent $5 to me!