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August 03, 2004

Time for a Red Ensign Moment

As a Red Ensign blogger, it's time to go rattle 'round the ring and see what my fellow wavers of the red flag have to say...

Paul, at All Agitprop All The Time, laments that the Canadian Forces, may have set the stage for the future fall of the Afghan government....

Our Leader, Nicholas of The Ghost of A Flea and the Western Standard Blog, gives us an American moment... the reopening of the Statue of Liberty. He balances this with a discussion of Star Trek. Let no one doubt, the Flea is a serious nerd. But most importantly, he wishes to strike at the heart of JfK's finances...

Dr. Funk, a well known Canadian Slacker (look at his posting frequency!) makes a point of observing that not all Germans were enamored of Hitler. A little late in the game, perhaps, but they tried, and, most of them, died.

There are a curious number of Pauls flying the Red Ensign. Paul of Ravishing Light wonders if comedy writers are in a quandary regarding the outcome of the upcoming November event...

Chris Taylor (not the same guy I wrestled in college, I think) of Taylor and Company has two posts that caught my eye - on regarding Simcoe Day, a day that honors an interesting man, and another regarding North Korean prison camps.

The Tiger In Winter likes Thomas Sowell. So do I.

Alan of Gen X at 40 has an interesting Google Moment. May he have many more. As he is a source for cannon pictures and video - may he have many more!

If you need a Farenbabble 911 hit, Jon at Blogulaciousness is your man. The post below that has a pretty funny picture.

Myrick, like many other Canadian bloggers of late, has an interest in Sudan. But you should go up and see what he has to say regarding Korea, as well.

The Monger boggles at someone who actually dared to criticize Socialist Medicine as practiced in Canada. There's a great line buried in there. Go read it. Then go down one post and see Monger's suggestion for the Kerry Campaign.

Kate, the Last Amazon, um, does not like John Kerry. At all. But in a civl way. Kate's a gun-chick, too, btw. Kewl.

Ray, Der Raging Kraut, also noticed Kerry. I noticed in the pictures on Der Kraut's site, Kerry salutes badly. He should have gotten some instruction from those Marines he met at Wendys. Ray observed something else - Kerry tells us his four months with the Swift Boats means "He knows War." Y'know, it occurs to me - almost every combat soldier in the US Army and Marine Corps knows a hell of a lot more about war than John f. Kerry by Kerry's own standard - if four months quals you to be Prez, then the soldiers and Marines of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom are a hell of a lot more qualified than John f. Kerry is...

Just sayin'.

ith, and Absinthe and Cookies, channels Tom Delay to call Kerry to task about his work ethic.

Occam's Carbuncle notes that the Dems down here are trying to use the same smoke and mirrors technique used by the Conservatives Up North. Here's hoping that it's as successful - but that unlike our friends up north, our opponents down here don't learn... (assuming there *is* learning going on in the Great White).

Welp, since I'm the next entry on the Red Ensign blogroll... well, you're here, eh?

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