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August 02, 2004

Victor Davis Hanson nails it as far as I'm concerned.

Two paragraphs that really jump out at me:

July has been a bad month for our civilization. Islamic terrorists right out of Gibbon's pages on Attila are caught with heads of their victims in their refrigerators in Saudi Arabia — while Britain and the United States squabble over the extradition of an Islamic fascist whose career was dedicated to convincing Muslims in the West to destroy the United States while whining that infidels were occupying the ancient caliphate. In fact, the opposite is true: Detroit is the largest community of expatriate Arabs in the world outside the Middle East. Emigrants flock to gracious hosts in Michigan to live under tolerance and freedom impossible in their own Arab countries.


So for the record: More Arabs go to the West than Westerners go eastward. Most U.S. troops are leaving Saudi Arabia; billions of American dollars flow to Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. We have even given billions to that wretched Arafat kleptocracy and saved Muslims from Kuwait to Bosnia. U.S. jets, not deranged riff-raff from Afghanistan, stopped Milosevic. There is no legitimate complaint of the Arab world against the United States — any more than Hitler had a right to Czechoslovakia or the Japanese to Manchuria. Just because the Japanese whined that the cutting-off of U.S. petroleum forced them to bomb Pearl Harbor didn't make it true.

Of course, as far as Islam in general is concerned (based on the published writings of the Imams and other scholars), and Wahabists in particular, this is perfectly normal. They are supposed to come here in numbers. Because then the Umma, and with it Sharia, *must* be elevated and honored above any and all local custom - and be allowed to rule, as is their divine right. And those of us who don't submit, well, at best we can hope for dhimmitude.

Update: Upon re-reading, I see this could be interpreted as a call to deport the Muslims living in Detroit, or elsewhere. Not true, nor what I intended. You could also read it as a suggestion that most of the people coming here are coming for the purpose of establishing an Islamic state in North America. Also not what I mean.

I suspect most of the immigrants to the US come here for precisely the reasons that Hanson suggests, which are the reasons people have flocked here since the boats first started docking (less the slaves): freedom and opportunity. Something that doesn't exist under the Islamic states of the middle east - though they purport to live under the rules of what they claim to be God's blueprint for humanity (which begs the question - why does the anti-theocratic left seem to almost like these people - and do seem to like in preference to anyone who can quote from a bible?) They just want to work, raise their kids, and live a decent life free of bombs - whoever is tossing them around. It's the Islamo-facists opportunists who come after - for the purposes of causing trouble and expanding the reach of the Umma, by whatever means, that give me pause.

Can someone tell me the difference, in real terms other than military impotence, those types, the ones who call for the establishment of Sha'ria as the supreme law of land *anyplace* muslims reside, regardless of numbers, are any different from the Crusaders we are all supposed to be ashamed of?

Wahabism Delenda Est!

The whole piece is here, at National Review Online.