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July 21, 2004

New blogger... sort of.

Hey, everybody, meet Brian. He's been blogging since 2001... but he's a teeny-tiny blogger. Pointed out to me by Alan, a fellow Red Ensign blogger in Canada, Brian is a new soldier, currently in Kuwait waiting to drive Upcountry to Baghdad. Since his last post was 17 July, that convoy may be moving.

What makes Brian's blog, DogHostage, interesting to me is that when he started it 3 years ago, he was unemployed, and the blog chronicles his path from, as he puts it,

"Some guy who moved from Austin, Texas to the "North Country" of New York, discussing and documenting his life. The young man has been a bank teller, graphic designer, website builder, volunteer firefighter. In early 2003, he became a Legal Specialist in the United States Army. And right now he's in Iraq..."

So, shortly, we'll have a new milblogger in Iraq. Who, as a legal specialist, will perhaps have a different view of things and can give us a fresh perspective on the life of the soldier.

Here ya go, Brian - show us what you've got!