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July 15, 2004

Notes on the redesign of the Army

Those of you who already wear the uniform should have seen this already - as the Chain Teaching requirement deadline is today...

If you've been paying attention to the pundits and others, there has been much griping about how unwieldy and hard-to-use the Army is. Herein is the Army's current plan to get from where we're at now to a more flexible structure.

Some of us older guys will note, "Hmmm, seen some of this before..." but there is nothing like a war to focus your attention.

Trying to get to a lighter, more modular force, without completly giving up the heavy punch. Several branches (to include my beloved artillery) are being redesigned and reduced from their Cold War structures to smaller structures more reflective of today's realities. Getting rid of almost half the the artillery structure, as precision munitions are taking over the niche at the middle ranges, retaining the all-weather capability of the guns in the close fight. We are giving up some ability to 'weight the main effort' with artillery, but we don't anticipate fights where we can't use Close Air to meet that niche. Short term, I think they're right. Mid-term and beyond... we'll see. Truth is, with computerized firing data, ginning up a bunch of general support artillery units in a relatively short amount of time isn't that hard, as long as you've still got the guns/launchers in storage somewhere.

ADA and Engineers are taking a hit, to up the MPs, Infantry, Transportation, Civil Affairs, Special Ops, and Military Intelligence units. Gonna be some annoyed mid-career soldiers in the downsized branches having to learn a whole new trade. Flip side - promotion opportunities in the expanding specialties.

Anyway, click on the slide to go to the rest of the brief. Feel free to praise or rant. I'm sure CPT H. will have some document somewhere to show how we just copied a Canadian idea... 8^D