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July 06, 2004

Answer to the last challenge.

Well, hats off to Captain H of Her Majesty's Canadian Forces, who, using all the tools at his disposal, and while in the midst of a move, got the right answer, correct in all details.

Gunner, with a little coaching, got there too.

The fact that I set this up for a tanker, well, so some of ya don't need to feel bad ya didn't get it.

Guesses ranged from tripods to rifle bolts. Good guesses all.

Oh, yeah. The answer.

76mm TP-T HEAT round for the US M41 Walker Bulldog tank.

TP-T HEAT = Training Practice-Tracer High Explosive Anti-Tank. Guessing the weapon system (not a requirement, extra credit to CPT H) was made easy because the M41 tank was the only tank we had in service after Korea with a 76mm gun.

Here's a shot of the markings.