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July 01, 2004

Al-Qaeda spells out Iraq attack strategy in handbook

Al-Qaeda spells out Iraq attack strategy in handbook: report

PARIS (AFP) - Al-Qaeda reportedly planned to target Spain as the weakest link of the coalition in Iraq to force its troop pullout, according to a document from the terror network.

"We consider that the Spanish government cannot suffer more than two to three strikes before pulling out (of Iraq) under pressure from its own people," said the document obtained Wednesday by AFP from Radio France Internationale's regional office in Beirut.

"If these (Spanish) forces remain after the strikes, the victory of the socialist party would be near-guaranteed and the pullout of Spanish forces from Iraq would be on its agenda," said the document, distributed ahead of the March 11 attacks in Madrid.

They got that right, didn't they?

Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, elected after the train bombings in Madrid which left 191 people dead in Spain's worst ever terrorist attack, withdrew Spanish troops from the troubled country in May.

Score 1 for Al-Qaeda.

The rest is in the extended post.

The document has apparently been issued in late February, as it refers to the early days of the Islamic new year which fell on February 21.

Made-up of 54 pages in Arabic, the document has been authenticated by western experts of the Islamic radical terror network of Saudi-born fugitive Osama bin Laden.

The document, entitled "the Iraq of Jihad (holy war): hopes and dangers," was prepared by the "information agency for the support of the Iraqi people -- office of services for the Mujahedeen (holy warriors)."

A lengthy chapter of the document focuses on "the main allies of the United States in their aggression against Iraq: Britain, Italy, Poland and Spain, as well as some Arab countries."

Somehow, I don't think Poland is in too much danger nationally - though they have suffered directed attacks in Iraq. The Italians seem to be paying attention and watchng themselves, too, since the mujahideen whacked them once. But they don't seem to be ready to leave, either.

But most of the chapter is about Spain, considering that the pullout of Spanish troops would "constitute a pressure on the British (military) presence that (Prime Minister) Tony Blair would not be able to bear."

"It will not take long for pawns to fall, but the headpiece (US) still has to be knocked down," it said.

It called for striking US forces in Iraq on a daily basis in order to force them "to disperse on the territory, weaken their efficiency and strike the morale of the soldiers."

I would note that the current strategy is to concentrate, not disperse, and push the Iraqis to take the lead. I suspect that will take some time. I also wonder if the pretty accurate read on the Spanish is related to the moorish population resident in Spain? Cautionary note for Europeans and their demographics.

"The operations should be concentrated on the Arab Sunni sector... (given) the absence of motives for the explosion of the situation in the Shiite southern regions and the Kurdish north," it said.

The booklet, presented as a handbook for the "Mujahedeen," called on the "Iraqi resistance (to form) a movement which gathers the factions of the Jihad... and unite in the same objective, as currently they are not united in the same organisation."

"The Mujahedeens in Iraq should now concentrate on the complete pullout of all foreign forces from all Iraqi territory," it said.

That's still true. The Iraqi government is too fragile at this point to go it alone. And will be in November, too. It ain't over. And even Kerry knows that.

"They should not carry out any operation targeting the daily life of the Iraqi people or its future, such as the basic services or education, except for oil which should not be exploited under occupation," it said

Oops. Not everybody got the memo, it seems.

"Oil exports are the main American hope to gain the financial resources necessary for the occupation," it said.

Oh my. These guys have been reading DU.

The document also contains a chapter on the economic situation of the United States, seen from the angle of the occupation of Iraq.

It said the US plan was "to build an Iraqi state as conceived by the United States...and enslave Saudi Arabia politically, fight against Islamic proselytism as a salafist and jihadic movement."

Enslave from your perspective, perhaps. We just want the Kingdom to quit bankrolling you hosers and spreading the Wahabist word.

"This would be (for the US) the first step toward the eradication of hardline Islam in the entire world," it said.

Well, well, well. At least they, if not the Democrat Party, have gotten the message. It's about hard-line Islam, not Islam. It's about Islamofacism (which, given the level of lefty logic and rhetoric, you'd think we'd be these guys spiritual brothers, rather than sworn to eradicate the 'ism' enemies.

Ya hear that, Mr. Bush? The Jihadis got the message. Now if we could only get the American Left to sign on.