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June 28, 2004

Wahabism Delenda Est!

Some Muslims are starting to get it - and more importantly, act on it.

I would note they manage to do it without suggesting that the Muslim world need adopt westernized ways, or follow western custom - but that they do need to drag themselves out of the 8th Century.

Good on 'em. But they probably ought to buy body and neck armor. I hope the message is heard.

Wahabism is a problem the Muslims created - it's a problem that only the Muslims can fix, absent the glass craters that some of my more bloodthirsty commenters suggest (and I do *not* support).

The christian Church rose above it's medieval dogmatic craving to cleave unto the darkness, so too can Islam. if they wish. Sadly, it looks like Islam will spill as much blood doing so as christianity did.