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June 17, 2004

Why we win, when we fight.

(Graphic courtesy the Imperial Animatrix)

SGT Hook, even as you read is flying in the 'Stan, represents the epitome of the NCO corps, and why the Army can fight and win, even when burdened with officers such as myself.

Top is always looking around, and SEEING things, whether it's his troops, his birds, or the people he's risking his life to help establish a different, and hopefully better, future for themselves. He's got the barbecue fund for his soldiers, now he wants to do something else. Shoes. For Afghan children. Help him out, if you can. If you want to help SGT Hook raise money to fund barbecues for his soldiers... well, if ya want to - here's a link to reward ya for finding out how! (I'm assuming a mostly male readership here - with no disprespect to my lady visitors, who are also, bemusingly, my most prolific commenters)

Warming to a different topic - but the same subject, in a sense... here's something the Army is doing to try to help SGT Hook out - give him a new door gun. This is the 1SG's current model.

Here's what they are working on to give him a new one. Click on the pic to see the rest of the brief.