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June 16, 2004

Just a coupla snippets.

Little bitty bits of some things going on in the soldier weapons world. New shotgun to attach under the M4 carbine barrel, and a new optic, better suited for close-combat fighting in cities - while still able to handle the long shooting tasks.

Just click the pic to go to the brief.

UPDATE: Something I meant to mention, that will only be noticed by those of us who have been on the combat/materiel development/procurement side of the house... In the third slide - it says TRADOC needs to approve the ORD, or Operational Requirements Document. ORDs are what *used* to formally start the process, in that they were a formal codification of the 'operational requirement' as laid out in the Mission Need Statement (MNS - pronounced 'mins') which was the true genesis of the project. There are two things that are noteworthy - we're getting the job done as we are supposed to, in that we are taking the request from the field and running with it, catching up on the paperwork later. Secondly, the ORD process and TRADOC's ability to manage them (manning and process issues) is still broke, and can't keep up. See OldFan's comment in the post below about the XM307 for a further discussion of that!