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June 15, 2004


A while back I posted some pics and data on the XM307 multi-purpose machinegun currently under development. Most of you who commented were, well, *not* impressed.

I've found some more data, all unclas and not FOUO that adds to the picture. Those of you who were not impressed, well, I suspect you still won't be.

It certainly does look like a weapon designed by engineers, for engineers, that will not simplify the parts system nor make life easier for ammo dogs - I'm undecided if it will help the soldier, the primary customer! I would note that the expected production costs are less than for a shootable Vickers MG these days.

Click the graphic to be taken to the (edited to remove personal info like emails and phone numbers, as well as the actual fielding plan - hey, ya don't hafta know everything) briefing. I just wish I had gotten the embedded videos (those slides are missing from this brief)! You may need to 'doubleclick' your browser 'back' button to escape out of Fototime. They really don't want you to escape!

High res version of the slide is here.