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June 14, 2004

Everybody is doing it! we'd better do it too!

Army gets new combat uniform

By Sgt. 1st Class Marcia Triggs

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, June 14, 2004) - The Army will be fielding a new combat uniform designed by NCOs and tested by Stryker Brigade Soldiers in Iraq since October.

Meet the new Army uniform, unveiled today.

Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Myhre, the Program Executive Office NCOIC, sports the Army Combat Uniform, the recently approved wear for Soldiers. It contains 20 new improvements.

Zippers. Velcro (for when that zipper fails). Got rid of the lower pockets on the blouse and moved 'em to the shoulders (still room for patches - can't look like the Marines!). Must annoy the Marines, to have adopted the "Hey-look-at-our-new-digital-cammies-so-we-don't-look-like-the-Army" uniform... if they'd just waited, they'd have been unique! But no, they went first, so we copied 'em!

There were 20 changes made to the uniform, to include removing the color black and adapting the digital print from the Marine Corps uniform to meet the needs of the Army, said Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Myhre, the Clothing and Individual Equipment noncommissioned officer in charge.

Perhaps most interestingly... the Army has rediscovered the Hush Puppy suede boot. Just like it did in WWII (when the Sergeants-Major made sure they got spit-shined anyway) and just like before Korea, when they tried again (and the Sergeants-Major made sure they got spit-shined)... sorta like the BDU, which was never, ever, supposed to be starched (which the Colonels and Sergeants-Major made sure got starched, if lightly, anyway).

At $88 per uniform, about $30 more than the BDU, Soldiers will eventually reap gains in money and time by not having to take uniforms to the cleaners or shine boots.

At least deployed, as most of 'em are these days. But, when the garret-troopers reassert themselves...

All snarkiness aside - and a wince at the $30 increase in cost - it's got that Star Trek look - but it does look like they've done a pretty good job so far. Good thing it's not red... since we all know what happened to new guys with no name who wore red shirts on the Enterprise!

If you'd like to read the whole article go here (I recommend it)