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May 23, 2004

Today, I may find time...

To bloviate a bit about these...

but first, another linkfest.

Matt weighs in on Abu Ghraib, again, since the media won't turn down any of the volume. He also takes a shot at the Air Force. Not like that's hard or anything...

I added a blog to the Microbe Microscope. Slings and Arrows. Go here, then hit 'main' and read the rest. Nicely focused, unlike this place.

Eric, at Classical Values, tries to take on the "Invincibly Ignorant." Does a pretty good job, too.

Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain.

So, if the gods themselves find this exercise impossible, I may well be wasting my time.

But I am still pissed, and I have my blog, so where else can I go but here?

The rest is good, too.

Eric Aaron (Sorry!) at Pardon My English smacks on Kerry for his snarkiness. I find the press' angst over reportage amusing. I suspect the mission would be clear to them if the roles were reversed.

Been here. Done this.

The dogs like us!

Goldie has bloggerblahs. No worries, girl. We all go through it. More'n once, too.

My first linker, An Old Saab, are finally back at work. Lazy bums.

Over at Bastard Sword... an attack on Kerry! Whee!

Last, but not least, Aaron examines more tales of abuse in jail.

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