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May 17, 2004

A voice in the media wilderness.

From David's MedienKritik:

Normally one wouldn't want to touch the leftist German daily taz with a ten-foot pole, but this report by Inga Rogg is surprisingly sober.

The [Iraqi] Minister for Human Rights, Bakhtyar Amin, has championed the cause of human rights in his country for more than 20 years.

"As bad as the American transgressions are", he continues, "we must not forget that our country is built on a boneyard." More than 300,000 people were inhumed in mass graves. The true tragedy is that, even today, there is still too little discussion about it.

Amin has some advice for Arab sovereigns: they should follow George W. Bush's example and apologize for the crimes they've committed. "Washington is showing us how a democracy deals with criminal behavior," Amin says. "We should learn from this, not only here in Iraq, but throughout the Arab world."

Wonder how long it will take al-Zarqawi to silence this voice?

Wahabism Delenda Est!