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May 17, 2004

Not enough outrage, Powell says.

Powell: Arab world should be more outraged
'No excuse for silence' after American's beheading
Monday, May 17, 2004 Posted: 8:09 AM EDT (1209 GMT)

I agree. Rather than visiting US websites looking for pictures of Nick Berg's head, they should have been visiting the local chapter of "Wahabi's 'Я Us" and done some ass-kicking.

DEAD SEA RESORT, Jordan (CNN) -- The Arab world should be showing "a higher level of outrage" over the death of an American businessman whose beheading was posted on an Islamist Web site last week, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday.

"There's no excuse for silence on this kind of murder," Powell told NBC's "Meet the Press."

Sure there is, Mr. Secretary. When you either secretly approve, or are more afraid of the killers than you are the nation of the victim. Plenty of reason to be silent.

"I would like to have seen a much higher level of outrage throughout the world, but especially in the Arab world, to this murder," he said.

Me too. Didn't see much beyond pro-forma stuff and a spike in hits from Arab nations to my website. Which may be expats and others. But no comments from anyone in the region decrying the barbarity. Nope. None.

"What we saw with this horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible murder should be deplored throughout the Arab world."

I've already made my suggestion, Mr. Secretary. The Arab world should simply embrace the concept of "Wahabism Delenda Est!"

Keep poking 'em in the eye, Mr. Secretary. Who knows, someday they may blink.

The whole story is here.