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May 14, 2004

Another busy little day in history.


1804 My 2nd cousin, 6 times removed Meriwether Lewis & William Clark set out from St Louis for the Pacific Coast. Hey, don't have many famous family members, gotta point out the few I know of - and won't mention the horse thieves.

1845 USS Constitution lands Marines at Danang, Indochina. They'll be back in 120 years.

1856 Shipment of camels for the US Army arrives at Indianola, Texas. Yep. Camels.

1940 Nazis bomb Rotterdam, rumor has it that 30,000 die (actually

1940 The Netherlands surrender to Germany With the crossings of the Meuse at Sedan complete, Rommel is poised for his dash to the sea and the beginning of the end for the Allies defense of France opens.

1948 Israel declares independence. Arabs immediately invade. Get butts kicked. Not for the last time.

1955 Warsaw Pact formed. Guaranteeing me a job 25 years later.

1975 Unsuccessful US raid to free the Cambodian-held ship Mayaguez.

Hat tip: Strategy Page