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May 12, 2004

From an email.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

John - read your entry today. I think it hardly qualifies as a rant. Interesting to read the various comments - can't say that anyone was put off by what you said. To me, it begs the question of, "where are all the human rights activists,now?" As a matter of fact, unless it's the USA, where are they ever. Where were they 12 years ago when Saddam Hussein (through his Republican Guard) was beheading women, slitting them from navel to throat and nailing them to apartment building walls (personally testify to this at end of Desert Storm)? Where were they when Daniel Perlman (sic) was beheaded? Where were they last month when Muslim militants in Nigeria killed 8 Christian pastors and 1500 worshippers - breaking into 173 churches, forcing the inhabitants to lie face down in surrender, and then hacking them to death with machetes and axes? As our friend, B***, says, race and ethnicity are benign - culture is not. We have indeed entered into an uninvited, unwanted Jihad. President Bush was correct when he "mistakenly" referred to the battle ahead as a crusade. One has to wonder - will this latest atrocity wake the sleeping giant? Probably not. We will sleep until a couple of those lost brief-case nukes find their way into Philadelphia or Chicago, and then we'll wonder how it happened. I believe that we (America) are different, because we act differently from the barbarians we fight. I agree with Billy Graham, who said that, "America is great only because America is good. When she ceases to be good, she shall cease to be great." That being said, I also believe it's time to re-assess how we treat this cancerous growth called militant Islam. Chemo-therapy has not worked - it's time for DRASTIC eradication - cut it out!!