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May 12, 2004

Oh, and one last thing, dammit.

Let's quit calling it beheading. Let's call it "sawing the head off while the victim is fully aware."

Beheading is what the executioners do with sword, axe, or guillotine. It's moderately quick unless the wielder is a drunken sot. It may be moderately (certainly comparatively) painless. It's over a hell of a lot quicker and less painfully than having your neck sawn through with a knife while hogtied and being sat on by a chickenshit coward wearing a ski-mask yelling "Allahu Akhbar!" All the while you're aware of what's happening, how it's going to end, and powerless to do anything to help it along, to the blackness of peace and release.

God is great, indeed. And I'm sure those are proud moments for the deity.

When animals dance around the bonfire of their vanity, chanting His name, waving a dripping head, eyes still blinking, while the body twitches on the ground, blood still pumping, spreading, smelling all coppery, bowels voiding, bladder emptying. It's bad enough in war. I know. It's bad enough done in the heat of battle. But it's worse done this way. Coldly. Calculatingly.

Of course, I doubt He noticed. He was too busy welcoming Nick home.

Whether they had crosses on their surcoats, or were just wearing ski-masks and tennis shoes, animals are animals. We kill stray dogs with more consideration. And these people believe they should rule the world. And that we should welcome them. Not until you climb out of the cesspit of the 7th Century.

Until then, you're targets.

Update: If you'd like a one-stop shop for all "sawing off heads all the time," I recommend (in a good way) Jeff Quinton's round-up linkfest.

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