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May 07, 2004

Rumsfeld dodges bullet.

Bush isn't firing Rummy, yet. I've got issues with Rumsfeld, but I sit so far from the center of that particular universe these days, I tend to let the elephants play on their own.

But if I were Prez, Rumsfeld might well have lost his job over this abuse thing, as the straw that would have broken my back. Not because the abuse happened, I've covered that. Things like this happen in war, what's instructive is what's done about it. And the major media, when breaking and feeding on the story, didn't do so based on their own sleuthing the story the military was hiding - they did it using the military's report on the subject. Discuss amongst yourselves.

No, what would have torqued me is the Rumsfeld knew about this, and the depth of it, months ago - but no one told the President?

Bush said he told Rumsfeld on Wednesday that, "I should have known about the pictures and the report" done by the Pentagon before they turned up in news reports.

That wasn't oversight. That was deliberate. For those of you Army vets old enough - this, and it's true meaning - should cover it: Simply amazing.

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