May 07, 2004

A little politics is in order.

First - Brainshavings has the Volume II of "The Kerry Lexicon" up. Volume I is here, if you'd like to start there.

With the exception of MamaMontezz's cartoon below, I've been taking a pass on the Ted Rall thing, mainly because other bloggers have already been hitting it pretty hard, and I figure you are reading a least a few of those blogs as well. Like Michele says - we can't all hit the same things all the time. Nor should we if we're going to keep it interesting.

But Aaron does an excellent job of deconstructing Rall, as well as illustrating, "asshat"

Jim Treacher simply picks on Rall, too - and has probably been forwarded to appropriate authorties. Though, I gotta say, Rall probably has gotten some death threats. Quit that you guys, you're making him feel bad, and that's not nice.

It's completely different when he says Tillman got what he deserved - that's just an obvious truth, right? Nothing offensive there. Not if you are a self-described centrist democrat (which he really says with no sense of irony).

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