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May 03, 2004

Canada Saves Western Civilization. Again.

At least, that's how the email was titled.

Canadian ended Rommel's career.


Canadian pilot Charley Fox is now credited with this Spitfire attack on a staff car that seriously wounded German general Erwin Rommel. Photo via CANWEST NEWS SERVICE.

CanWest News Service

Sixty years later, a decorated Spitfire pilot from 412 Squadron is finally being credited with the strafing attack on a German staff car in France that severely wounded Hitler's most accomplished general


A Canadian pilot long recognized for his Second World War heroics - including three sorties on D-Day alone - is now being credited with knocking legendary German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel out of action in the crucial weeks following the invasion of Normandy.

Good on ya, Charlie. Not just for your professionalism and skill, but for your modesty, as well.

The full story is here.

Update: As Bill points out, the original link has expired. Here is another one that probably has some stamina! Thanks, Bill!