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May 01, 2004

They also serve, who watch and wait...

...sometimes in vain. From my blogbuddy Rammer comes this, which deserves a wide readership.


I am studying for my masters in psychology and nothing I have read or studied prepared me for this. Michael always used to tease me when we talked about different issues "what chapter is this?" he would say. Nothing or no chapter ever prepared me for losing the love of my life in war. I still remember all of the things he told me before be left and now I have to live by them, that is the only thing that gets me through this pain, and his supportive friends. I visit his grave at least three times a week … not wanting to leave him lonely. It’s a cold spooky place, but when I am there I question why he is there.

You should read the rest. To do so, go vist Rammer, here. Those soldiers discussed in the post below - whether they realize it or not - spit on this soldier's grave, and in this woman's face.