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April 28, 2004

Fightin' Fusileer Update.



Even though that damned dirty cartoon is at $1000 and climbing - it's not going to be enough to get Dean's herd into our rear-view mirror. And even though Michele's camp scored Chris Muir, our gap with them is widening. However, Michele just seduced Lileks! But we're working hard! And you guys are going a great job. The competition is so desperate, they have gone from peddling flesh pictures to peddling actual flesh!

They are scoring some of the big names - but so far, we've got the bucks. And everybody is winning. But we want to stay on top. I suspect Michele is working her connections (just like Matt and Scott have) and will bring in some more big names to their end of things. So we can't slack off. I really really really want to break the S20K barrier for the Fusileers between now and End of Mission!

Blog / Coalition Amount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom! ...............$16334.49
The Victory Coalition ..................................$11713.44
Liberty Alliance .............................................$5880

$34,000 among us. Not a bad job campers. And that's not pledged money - that's tax deductible money in the Spirit of America bank account!

I feel like Eisenhower, reading the Stars and Stripes during WWII. His fighting commanders are getting the ink, and exposure (and taking it to the enemy) while I sit back and watch the plan unfold. I'm talking about the Fusileers really big guns, Citizen Smash and the Paratrooper of Love - their campaigns have scored our biggest wins - more to follow in a moment.

But our Donors are doing the best and hardest job. Thank you, one and all.

I am going to post an honor roll after the Spirit of America Fundraiser is over - if you are a donor, and would like your name mentioned in bright, shiny pixels, send me a copy of your donation receipt and how you'd like to be mentioned (I recognize there are lots of reasons you might not want your full name published but wouldn't mind a nom-de-blog, etc), and you'll get on the list. The enrolled members of the Fightin' Fusileers already qualify!

What have the Fusileers got going? Well, glad ya asked! Part of the original impetus for this fundraiser was to give the Iraqis a chance to rebuild their mass communications infrastructure. We may have lost the print medium to Michelle and Dean - but via Smash, Matty, Brainshavings and myself, we've scored Instapundit, National Review Online, and now, Hugh Hewitt!

Guidons - welcome Hugh Hewitt as a Fighting Fusileer for Freedom! Hugh the Hewer is auctioning off a segment of his radio show to the highest bidder in support of Spirit of America! Thank you Hugh - and thanks to Matty, Alo, and Smash for getting the recruiting job done!

So, here's what's available from the Fightin' Fusileers!

Hugh Hewitt - via Smash!

She Who Will Be Obeyed - plane ticket!

TacJammer is offering up a Cluebat! A Castle Argghhh! Cluebat, direct from the Imperial Armory's woodshop and the Armorer's Carpenter! TacJammer is accepting bids as you read!

Marine Corps Mom has biscotti up for your consideration.

Wanna make someone else donate in your name? Go here, bloggers. The Pudgy Pundit will make contributions for every trackback to his post. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. I just cheated.

Triticale has updated his Honorverse offer!

Susie - who already offered pictures of herself (tasteful, sorry, pervs!) doesn't have anything going on - but I feel guilty because I missed her blogiversary!

Tammi wants to remind everyone that you can help Spirit of America all the time, any time - not just now.

The Bejus Pundit is just rantin' and ravin' - so take a shopping break for the floor show.

Having done his bit to help recruit Hugh Hewitt, Blackfive offers this film on "Why to stop looting when the nice tanker Sergeant asks you to."

Misha is rantin' and ravin' - and contemplating an offer to be made later...

If you need another break, DGCI is deconstructing Kerry Waffles.

Doc Russia, well, Doc Russia is in med school. We're cutting him slack.

The Commissar thinks I'm propagandizing (but I know he's giving, too...) Oh. And Guilty!

Aaron is going to pieces trying to raise money!

Da Goddess still has her lingerie/t-shirt offer going, and is also trying to dig into the minds of us Fusileers!

e-Claire is still working her two auctions - slogan contest and photos!


It's not too late to enlist.

The Unit Manning Roster. Slots are still Available!

The Imperial Armorer
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The Imperial Animatrix
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Loyal Reader Calliope!
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Dawn L, the Non-Commenting Commenter!
Loyal Reader "Brass"
Loyal Reader "Bill" (Constructive credit for already donating)
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Citizen Smash!
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Comments on Fightin' Fusileer Update.
Da Goddess briefed on April 28, 2004 07:26 AM

Shall I offer up the frontal nudity pics now that we're on the home stretch?

Fusileer 6 briefed on April 28, 2004 07:39 AM

Um, well, uh, only after I see 'em first to well, ya know, like check 'em out and make sure they're tasty, er, tasteful!

Calliope briefed on April 28, 2004 08:39 AM

/kidding on

OMG I'm shuddering. John has endorsements from NRO and Hugh Hewitt! He's a celebrity. Its almost like he got Al Franken's endorsement or something. This is the BIG TIME! And I've actually exchanged e-mails with him a couple times. Maybe I could sell them on E-Bay. =D

We are not worthy. I mean, I feel like I had a date with Michael Jackson or something. Well not THAT good maybe but you see what I mean.

/kidding off

Seriously John, you have done a GREAT job with this thing. I never ever thought we'd do this well. I'm a gonna head on over thar with my CC again now. 8^)


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