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April 24, 2004

Spirit of America Update.



Good job, my heroes! We're still ahead, we've reopened our lead, and things are going pretty well.

Blog / Coalition Amount Raised
Castle Argghhh! Fighting Fusileers for Freedom!............... $10,755.5
The Victory Coalition ......................................................$7718
Liberty Alliance ..............................................................$3314

See for yerselves! .

To keep this from getting stale, we've got some contests going:

Smash is selling used Laundry.

Foolsblog is having Easter Egg Hunts.

Tammi is hawking sheets.

SGT Bloodspite is dealing in Blackmail.

She Who Will Be Obeyed is giving the gift of flight!

Susie is offering (modest) pictures of herself! I've got mine. Worth every penny, too.

E-Claire and SondraK are sponsoring a contest - donate money and provide taunts for the Marines to use against Bad Guys!

And while BrainShavings isn't sponsoring a contest - I like this link. Since I get paid again the day after the fundraiser ends, I'm gonna get me some of that!

Pam has an unusually deep and thoughtful post for a Blogger With Boobies who is also a Corner of the Bar Babe. (ducking). It's really a good read, I just couldn't resist the zinger! And isn't this just too cool!

Matt at Blackfive is still at a wedding.

Emperor Misha, is, well, Misha. He does invective so *well*, doesn't he?

The Commissar has thoughts on the election.
And ya better donate or the Bejus Pundit may open a can of whoop-a$$!

While Greyhawk isn't having any contests, he does have nice Puppy Pics!

Over at The Common Virtue, Michael has a suggestion. One which the Curmudgeon supports.

The Flea - a strong supporter of the Drive - has nice eye relief today. And you should scroll on down the rest, too!

Over at Grim's Hall, there is a discussion about Hizbollah.

Marine Corps Mom sounds a lot like my mom - when Dad was in Vietnam and I was out doing rude things to people. They also serve, who sit and wait.

The Bloodthirsty Warmonger wonders what to do about The World's Oldest Terrorist.

At Wasted Electrons, we have a discussion of gender.

Misty is taking a harder line about non-donaters. If you haven't donated, and don't intend to - watch out!

Aaron rants about eBay Vultures.

Joanie over at Da Goddess spurs donations with Tim the Enchanter and other bits of Pythonic goodness.

Uruloki is just happy to have been bombing.

Over at Cool Blue, a discussion of the 1st Amendment.

Baldilocks discusses being half a man. Or woman. And suggests everybody just get a pair.

Eric is having trouble thinking up fundraising ideas, and Harvey is raining on his parade. Bad Harvey! Go give Eric some suggestions.

Over at Ben's World, he's celebrating the fact that he's an Adorable Little Rodent. Well, d-uh, Cadet!

The Mollbot waxes poetic.

TacJammer has an interesting perspective on Earth Day.

Laughing Wolf is taking the easy way out - like me.

Charlie Mike* Guidons!

Fusileer 6, out.

* in the extended post.


Charlie Mike = Continue Mission!

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Comments on Spirit of America Update.
Ben briefed on April 24, 2004 11:59 AM

The rodent celebration was sooo two days ago.

John of Argghhh! briefed on April 24, 2004 12:09 PM

Yeah, so? Ya want traffic or not? Ya gonna issue challenges, fine. I'm the field grade officer here. I can respond when I feel like it!


feste briefed on April 24, 2004 05:49 PM

Today's Easter egg is up and worth $50.00.