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April 24, 2004

Every now and then, the Canadians give us a reason to hold off on that invasion...

(note to any outraged Canadian: {tongue-in-cheek})

Gov't denies Abdurahman Khadr Canadian passport

Abdurahman Khadr, the son of an alleged associate and financier of Osama bin Laden, has been refused a Canadian passport.


Khadr, 21, was informed earlier this week that his request had been denied 11 days after completing his application. He said he wants Canada to be his permanent home but wants to the freedom to travel.

Dude - with your travel proclivities, they're doing you a favor. Someday you are going to be on the wrong end of a silenced MP5 in the hands of a Navy Seal moments away from a double-tap. The canadian gov't is your friend.

While no details were given for why his request was turned down, the National Post is reporting his link to al Qaeda was a factor.

Works for me.

Khadr's mother Elsamnah, and sister Zaynab, have been placed on a passport control list for repeatedly losing their passports and requesting replacements.

And if those passports turn up in the wrong hands... mebbe they oughta end up in jail. Hey, people lose passports. But people who repeatedly lose critical ID documents who have ties to terrorist organizations should expect a little extra attention. Ya don't want the attention - hold on to yer stuff!

Khadr has admitted attending a training camp in Afghanistan. He was detained by the United States, and returned to Toronto in December after a year-long stay at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

What's his beef? Cuba is warmer than Canada or Afghanistan. And we could have just added him to the fertilizer load in Afghanistan. Seems to me, all in all, he's gotten off okay. Yep.

He claimed U.S. authorities took all of his travel documents and dropped him off in Afghanistan to fend for himself.

Months later however, he said he lied and was actually working as an undercover agent for the CIA.

A veritable font of contradictory information. Heck, if he *is* that inept a CIA operative this is a win-win for both Canada and the US. Canada can put the kibosh on a CIA guy, and the US can be spared the embarrassment of an inept loon in the CIA. This is great stuff!

The rights of the Khadr family have been a hot topic in Canada since the return of Abdurahman's mother and 14-year-old brother Karim this month from Pakistan.

Karim was wounded and left paralyzed after a gunfight in October, and is now in Toronto seeking medical treatment.

Elsamnah admitted her family's links to al Qaeda and bin Laden during a CBC television documentary, but has since denied their involvement.

I've missed some of this. Was the kid an active participant in the gunfight? If so, okay, patch him up enough to get by, but I don't see why Canadians should be fully funding rehab and other services, but I'll leave that up to them. As for the rest of this family of barking Moonbats, I see they are of the same cut of cloth as a liberal politician - you can only believe the last thing I said, until I find it needful to say something different. It's my feelings and needs that count - not consistency, truth, or anything like that. And yes, you should formulate policy on that basis. Barking Moonbats.

An online petition to have the Khadr family stripped of their Canadian citizenship has attracted more than 10,000 signatures.

As I make it a point to only intervene in another nations political affairs militarily, I'll leave this up to Canadians.

Hat tip to John for sending it along.