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April 20, 2004

From the email bag...

From a correspondent whom I suspect is a Green Beanie wearer "Somewhere in the Pacific" comes this pointer to Victor Davis Hanson (ever a good read)

No, instead let us think today only of American soldiers and the cause for which they fight. Never has America fielded more skilled warriors or sent them into battle for a better cause—the security of thousands of Americans at home and the promise of something better for millions abroad. Any scarred veteran of a past age—a Macedonian, Roman, Ottoman, Russian or Englishman—would warn us that even an imperialist does not go into the Balkans, Afghanistan, or the Mesopotamia for lucre. These are not nice places and their perennially murderous and internecine clans historically unite only to turn on the invader. Yet into precisely these desolate realms the Americans have gone to rid the world of Milosevic, the Taliban, and Saddam Hussein, the latter all in their own singular ways worthy successors to the spirit of a Hitler or Stalin, their evil inferior only by magnitude rather than intent. Seeking not tribute or oil, our soldiers have deposed such monsters and in their place implanted the seeds of democracy—and succeeded entirely due to their own skill and élan rather than the uniform support and attention of us at home who sent them.

"Nuff said. Go read the rest. If it's moved from the top spot, look for this:

April 18, 2004

So lucky to have them

American soldiers are as impressive abroad as we are embarrassing at home

Then, rummaging further in the bins, there's this little shot across the bows from Brainshavings regarding lefties and the Draft.


He also, via a different venue, brings us this treatise on the "bearing of arms". Semper Paratus!

Oh, BTW, This Guy does not like Armed Bears.

I do.