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April 18, 2004

One way to deal with Terrorists.


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With the predicatble gasps of virginal shock, Europeans are condemning Israel's latest act of mercy. I mean, it *is* a generous act, right? These guys have all been claiming they want to be martyred - even as they send the young ones out on "martyrdom operations" to kill random groupings of Israelis and the odd Palestinian by mistake. The Israelis are just making sure all those poor suicide murderers have adequate supervision and organization in Paradise. And the Brits - well, they should just shut up on this one - the Israelis are taking a page from one of the most successful anti-terror campaigns to date - the Brit defeat of the Malyasian communist insurgency. Kill the leaders, again and again, finally people don't want to be the leader anymore.

Dale over at Mostly Cajun has a nice rip on the subject, and I particularly like Teresa's take.