April 11, 2004

The taxman hath his electrons.

Now this is pathetic. I've finished up my second state, and I'm *pleased* to find out that I have given the Federal Government and two State Governments interest-free loans of my money. But yeah, I am, because the last two years I was off enough that it was a painful check with many zero's in it that I had to write. Not quite enough to garner a penalty, but enough to be painful when unplanned-for!

Shows how well the conditioning works, huh?

But! BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Now I can afford that nice neat Colt 1911 I was offered - and spend less than half of the money I have immorally with-held from Liberal politicians! And that's a 1918 manufactured 1911, not an A1!


BTW - I like these guy's eBooks (click the pistol). Cheap, pretty decent information, and CAD-movies of the actions and how they work. Those alone are worth the price. And, unlike the books in the booklist at the bottom of the left column, I don't get a penny from these guys - so it's a good, uninfluenced-by-filthy-lucre endorsement.

Really now - is there any better way to spend April 15th than spending the money that liberal politicians feel is really rightfully theirs? On a gun? On a HANDGUN? To add the the HANDGUN collection? I think not. There's room in the collection, doncha think?

This is probably as good a time as any to run a Periodic Disclaimers notice, too.

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