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April 09, 2004

Kerrey on Iraq, Afghanistan, and 9/11.

That would be Bob Kerrey, former Senator from Nebraska, President of the New School University in New York, and member of the 9/11 Commission - who seems to me to Get It.

Oh, and although he doesn't mention it in his piece - he's also a Vietnam Veteran. And while there are those who doubt his Medal of Honor, including Kerrey himself, who asserts it was upgraded from a lesser award by a White House looking for a hero. Perhaps so - but it wasn't a self-nomination, nor is there any doubt at all about his Purple Heart for losing a leg in the action that led to the Medal of Honor. I hold him blameless for any controversy there - it was out of his hands.

Not that I want him to be President, he's still too liberal for my taste - but I wouldn't fear that Bob Kerrey in office would just cut and run and call it diplomacy.

This is *not* a universal opinion, I'm finding. I'll ruminate on it.