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April 08, 2004

Baldilock's guest blogger...

...has fired his opening salvo in the war of ideas over the invasion of Iraq. What is most striking about this post and the comments is the lack of shrill invective.

An actual discussion, less moonbattery from either side. While I enjoy a good brawl over at the Emperor's, I really found this exchange (and hopefully the future ones as King develops his theme and arguments) to be as lively without the rancor so prevalent elsewhere. Kind of like my recent exchanges with Zac, a discussion, not a screechfest.

Brava yourself, Juliette - for running such a taut ship no one thought to sling any mud!

Greyhawk is also on a roll today, somewhat annoyed with all the support democrats are offering the effort in Iraq as the Marines subdue Fallujah.