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April 06, 2004

From an email from a Marine Family Member...

Right now I'm sitting here seething at the reaction to today's events. You would think we were in Nam all over again. ... got up and walked out on Bill O'Reilly. I cannot believe the crap these people are spewing and quite frankly I'm mad as hell! While we all took it on the chin today there has been nothing more than Company level engagements so far. This hasn't even gotten hot yet and already it's gloom and doom. God I sincerely hope our boys don't hear this stuff!

XXXXXX, I won't sugar-coat it because it's your flesh and blood, but I will give you a soldier's assessment - a 1 to 2 exchange ratio for an attacker going against a defender entrenched in a city is not 'taking it on the chin'.

It a helluva performance.