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April 06, 2004

I need to do a gun pic post... order to test the picture-handling ability of the new format. (Yeah, right!)

So, here's a picture of my 60mm mortar, with the 57mm Recoiless Rifle (made by Goodyear Canada for my visitors from up North). The mortar is ex-Belgian, given to them by demobilizing US forces at the end of WWII. It has a repro barrel, to conform to ATF rules! The 57mm is ex-Italian, left behind with the Italian Army by US forces withdrawing from Trieste (yeah, Hackworth's unit for those who know his history). It's demilled, incapable of chambering a round, much less firing it. For those purists among you who frown on such things - get a life, I live in a non-live Class III state, and it's a HELL of a lot cheaper, too!

While the barrel of the mortar has no firing pin, it is tool steel - so if I want to make a black powder tennis-ball mortar, I can, heheheheheheheh. And, since I have aiming circles, aiming stakes, etc - shoot, if I ever win the lottery or have a generous relative I don't know about die so I can get the land - I can set up a range, too!