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March 27, 2004

Plucked from a comment thread...

Teresa in a comment pointed to this article via SheepFreeZone (worth a read by himself, btw) regarding the recent farcical actions by state governments in Australia.

For my Australian readers - my sincere condolences. Your leftistlators obviously don't have enough to do.

AUSTRALIANS are a dangerous lot. Weapons that would hardly cause a second thought in the hands of a citizen in another country generate concern when held by an Australian.

Fortunately, some Australian state governments have understood the dangers of letting ordinary Australians get access to weapons such as laser pointers, a popular device for making business and academic presentations in countries such as the US.

Americans may feel safe when an academic addresses a conference using a laser pointer. In the hands of an Australian, however, there is understandable fear that these devices could do untold harm. An Australian academic with a laser pointer would cause real panic.

The rest of it (a short read, and funny) is here.