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March 26, 2004

How are we different from the Terrorists?

I've made this point before when arguing the silly argument that we drop more bombs than they detonate IED's, SIMP bombs (Self-Immolating Murderous Perps), and other explosive events.

We try to minimize the damage and confine it as much as possible to military targets. These asshats just define EVERYTHING as a military target.

Here's a nice article on the on-going research.

Working to Reduce Collateral Damage By Ralph Kinney Bennett Published 03/25/2004 at Tech Central Station.

One of the first "feedback" responses to my recent article on terrorist car bombs went on to the effect that the United States uses bombs, too, and that we have dropped more of them than all the car bombs combined thus far in Iraq.

This gentle reader missed the point entirely. American bombs have been directed by the military at military targets purely, and although there have been some accidental misses the efforts of U.S. forces to minimize civilian casualties are unparalleled in military history....

The whole article is here. Interesting stuff for an old Joint Targeteer.