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March 25, 2004

The rights of an englishman... be prey, have just been reinforced. Rise up at the ballot box people - take back your rights.

From Manchester Online:

Man who killed armed intruder jailed

A Salford man who stabbed to death an armed intruder at his home was jailed for eight years.

Carl Lindsay, 25, answered a knock at his door in Salford, Greater Manchester, to find four men armed with a gun.

When the gang tried to rob him he grabbed a samurai sword and stabbed one of them, 37-year-old Stephen Swindells, four times.

Mr Swindells, of Salford, was later found collapsed in an alley and died in hospital.

Lindsay, of Walkden, was found guilty of manslaughter following a three-week trial at Manchester Crown Court.

He was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment.

WTF? I guess stabbing someone four times whose holding a gun on you is "excessive force"? I'm sorry - I've got a few Brit readers, can any of you, off line or in the comments shed light on the logic of this case? As reported, I can only assume that mad cow has affected the entire judicial system.

...After the case, Detective Chief Inspector Sam Haworth said: "Four men, including the victim, had set out purposefully to rob Carl Lindsay and this intent ultimately led to Stephen Swindells' death.

"I believe the sentences passed today reflect the severity of the circumstances."

I can only hope that this man was badly misquoted.

Three other men were charged with robbery and firearms offences in connection with the incident, which took place in February last year.

Again I ask my readers - I don't have the time to surf for this this week - does anybody know what happened to the perps? Man, here's a guy in his house who is living the shopworn phrase, "Better to be judged by six than carried by twelve."


The whole article is here.